Our optometrists and dispensing staff are trained first and foremost to listen to the patient's needs.  They have an extensive knowledge of the market place and can direct you quickly and efficiently to the product best suited to the needs you have described.  They will also discuss your occupational needs, your lifestyle, any disability, and provide comfortable, lightweight products which look good and are easy to wear.

They are also trained in fashion and colour and are qualified to offer advice with shape and style of spectacle frames.  So if you feel you want some help regarding "what's in?" or "what suits you best?" - please - just ask.

Fortunately as independent optometrists, our buying policies are also independent.  Unlike the multi-nationals and chain stores, there are no constraints on what or where we buy.  Hence buying policies remain patient-driven, providing masses of choice, despite the very competitive retail environment.

See latest news: MacAdorey Optometrists are specialist suppliers of rimless products for Silhouette and Tag Heuer.


Recent advances in lens technology have revolutionised products available. Lenses are 
  • thinner for myopia
  • neater and flatter for hyperopia
  • lighter and harder for comfort, 
  • clearer to reduce glare.  

The demand for these products is so high that many of the older products are now obsolete.  Our practitioners will help direct you to the most flattering product at the best price, catering for all your occupational needs such as progressive lenses (for example, working with computers), or cosmetically enhanced, coated lenses which reduce glare and improve vision.