Eye Care & Vision Plan

Good vision is  critical to  the quality of all our lives.

Our eye care examination costs £25.  Here we ensure that vision is corrected perfectly, that all the muscles in your eyes are not just working well but working well together (each eye has 14 separate muscles).  We will identify any threat to ocular health which we will monitor, or refer accurately for management or treatment in accordance with professional guidelines.

To this end we have introduced our own care package.  Registering with the care package means all of your routine, follow-up or emergency appointments are free of charge and  discounts as high as 30 per cent are available on your spectacles.

This package is also available to include all types of contact lenses and starts for adults from as little as £8.50 per month.

Our friendly and helpful staff will provide you with all the details.  Why not ring and ask them for the supporting leaflet?

Photo by Signals Photography