Eyecare for Children

Free Eye Testing and Free Vouchers for Glasses
Under the NHS all children are entitled to free eye testing up to the age of sixteen (19 if in full-time education).  These children are also entitled to an NHS voucher which can be used as payment or towards the payment for any glasses prescribed.

The Importance of Eye Testing 
When a child is born, the eyes and the pathway to the brain continue to develop until the age of eight.  If vision is not clear and equal in both eyes, a lazy eye can develop and beyond this age it is difficult to treat. Hence all children should be checked carefully for a lazy eye.  They can be particularly suspect if there is a family history.  It is therefore important to let us assess your child at regular intervals.

What is involved in the Examination?
As optometrists we normally examine children from pre-school age.  The examination is pain free, we use picture charts for the little ones, and have plenty of experience (even a little bit of magic up our sleeves) to help get the best out of every child, regardless of age, personality or ability.

Routinely we check

  • Vision
  • Health
  • Binocularity (using two eyes together)
  • 3D
  • Colour vision
  • If you need advice or are concerned about Dyslexia, we have an in-house specialist in colorimetry 

After the Test
We will supply the glasses according to your child's needs, or refer to the appropriate hospital department for treatment, and provide follow-up annually or more frequently if indicated.

What if your child needs glasses?
For children's frames at MacAdorey Optometrists, we take a special interest in little noses, cheeks and ears.

We cater for babies and toddlers, using soft “saddle” bridges and curled sides.  Titanium and plastics are used to avoid allergies.  We use Polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance and UV400 for protection from the sun.

Stock includes a great selection of free frames. In the designer range prices start at £25.  As our practice is family orientated, it is practice policy that designer frames for children are heavily discounted.

Further Information
Although the web site below is for visually disabled children, we consider it a useful web site for any parents concerned about their child's glasses or eyes: